Calf-compression sleeves socks

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  • ...WANT TO LOSE THOSE STIFF, ACHY LEGS & FEET... without popping pills or icing them down? Wear these compression socks/sleeves and it will happen automatically. This leg compression boosts your circulation, pumping oxygenated blood faster and pushes thru lactic acid. The result? Significantly reduced swelling and soreness. Don't take our word for it, try them for yourself.
  • ...EXTRA SNUG FIT... Graduated compression is tight, Calfies are tighter still and some people just don't find them comfortable during intense exercise. Experts agree that they are perfect for recovery after running & sports because 15-20mmHg compression + our snug fit is ideal to promote tissue repair and fresh muscles. Give our footless compression socks/stockings a try for any sport (running, cycling, basketball shooter sleeve, soccer, weight lifting +) but always wear them after you're finished when you put your feet up!
  • ...ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL... With all graduated compression (leggings, sleeves, pants, socks, tights, shorts, stockings, guards, supports) getting the right size is really important. Calfies are manufactured to strict international size standards and range as much as 6" from M - XXL. To really get the most out of this gear take a minute to measure the max width of your calf and buy the right size for you. If you're concerned about the extra tight fit - go up a size. You will not miss out on the great effects of graduated compression, but they will be a bit more comfortable if you are new to compression therapy.
  • ...WILL CALFIES WORK FOR YOU?... We believe they will, in fact we'll give your money back if they don't. Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who enjoys the strong feeling of compression while at rest AND at play so you can get double duty out of these breathable, comfy, quick-dry sleeves. Otherwise join the rest of us and follow this winning formula. Wear a) the right size for your leg b) in real graduated compression c) during rest & recovery = to reduce swelling & relieve pain and feel better! ............................... ...PLEASE DON'T BUY THESE IF you have extra LARGE and WIDE FEET (size 11 E+) or a really THICK CALF of more than 19". People who try to 'squeeze into Calfies' are rarely happy with the fit! Sorry!!!
  • ...SPORTS MEDICINE AND 1,000'S OF ATHLETES CAN'T BE WRONG... your feet & legs will feel better when you wear leg compression. The truth is most athletes admit they own several Brands of running gear and have a favorite sleeve for different activities & recovery. Calfies work, and they look cool too......................................................................... ...100% UNLIMITED GUARANTEE... You have nothing to lose except tired, achy muscles so take advantage of our great price and add a pair or 2 to your cart now. We have plenty in stock but ask yourself, how much longer do you want to suffer with stiff, heavy legs, waking up in pain, popping anti-inflammatory/pain-meds or missed workouts? These sleeves R-O-C-K and you should grab a pair today.
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C A L F I E S T H E – – U L T I M A T E — – R E C O V E R Y — – C O M P R E S S I O N – – S L E E V E
Your best choice in:
* Running gear for RECOVERY calf compression sleeves.
* Leg compression tights.
* Calf sleeves for runners.
* Runners compression socks.
* Athletic compression stockings & pants.

Faster recovery after exercise/fatigue.
Improved muscle & tissue repair.
Pill-free pain relief.
Better circulation.
Less swelling & soreness.
The pressure exerted on the calf constricts blood vessels increasing circulation, which delivers
the physical benefits to your body, something that non-graduated ‘fashion sleeves’ simply can’t do!


FACT: You will find it difficult to get them on if:
Your feet are not dry!
Your shoe size is 10 or more.
You order a size that is too small (XXL max 19″).
You have limited mobility or flexibility.
It’s difficult for you to put socks on or tie your shoes.
It’s hard to bend over or touch your toes.
Your Doctor considers you overweight or plus size….
* EXPECT your Calfies to feel tight, it’s on purpose!
* EXPECT to see a pattern impression on your skin for a while, it’s perfectly normal!
* EXPECT to work them up & down a bit to get full coverage & correct positioning!
* EXPECT it to get easier with a little time & practice!
The rewards far out weigh the effort to get them on so don’t let that stop you from enjoying the
real physical benefits of graduated compression.

Hand wash in cold water & hang to dry.
DO NOT put them in the dryer as the heat destroys the Lycra and damages the compression.

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